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Registered Office : Via Gattamelata, 41 20149 Milano - Field Office : Via Massari Marzoli, 4 - 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA) - +39 0331 1496507 -


The installation of single or multiple systems to be connected in a flawless way requires a skilled staff, experienced in the planning and execution of each phase of the project.
The ability to accurately evaluate a project along with technical know how is what makes the difference. A well installed system is bound by many parameters; of course, these parameters will change depending on the field and the specific application. For example, efficiency, yield, and potential length of validity.
A high quality mechanical system must have an installation of corresponding quality. The risk is spending one's budget on a machine of potentially high value but not having it installed as effectively as it could be. This can have a dramatic effect on economic return on the initial investment.


The process of revamping is a mechanical one in which worn out, or out dated mechanical or electrical parts are replaced with new ones. Older machines can be upgraded with newer, more efficient parts, in order to permit functional integration and improvement regarding the original project. This allows a historic implant to become more competitive than a last generation machine.
Aside from the technical aspect, revamping can be viewed as a way of revitalising the productivity of a company, rasing the level of competitiveness in the market, lowering production costs, reducing the volume of machinary (when possible) and improving overall reliabilty.
Not to mention improving standards of Health and Safety for the 4.0 industry.


Maintenance is fundamental and is by no means negligable to the production process as a whole. Maintenace provides a solid base from which can be gauranteed efficiency, reliability and safety regarding machinary and the facility overall. Maintenance directly correlates to a productive work environment.
It involves actions such as: measurement, substituition, regulation, repairs, discovery of broken down or worn parts, substituition of such, tuning, lubrification and cleaning.
Maintenace is therefore a wide ranging process which requires the drafting of comprehensive maintenance plan.


ICIL GROUP is able to provide a spare parts service which can supply parts of the highest quality from brand names.
We have an office dedicated to the collation of requests for spare parts (data on every aspect is collected: parts required, quotes on prices, etc.). We are able to satisfy any request for spare parts.
The wide availabilty of standard and special mechanical and electrical spare parts, allows us to ensure a fast and efficient service.